This Guerrilla LaunchKit was created to share valuable tools that helps entrepreneurs and business owners grow their reach and revenue.

These tools solve marketing, sales, administrative, operational, and financial challenges that many entrepreneurs face throughout their growth and launch phase. These tools are recommended to all of our clients and all of the entrepreneurs throughout our online communities and masterminds. 


Webinars are an amazing way to provide valuable information to an audience and to have them in a virtual environment so you can provide them with an offer. Webinars give you a virtual stage like no other.

There are two primary types of webinars, Automated Webinars and Live Webinars

Most webinar platforms have monthly subscriptions which get extremely costly throughout the year. WebinarKit is a SINGLE ONE-TIME investment, and it’s a great one. 

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Regardless of the platform, you’ll always need a mechanism to capture information from people, especially when the information is specific. If you’re doing surveys, applications, or customized forms, TypeForm is the ultimate solution. 

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Landing pages are the ultimate lead capture mechanism. LeadPages is one of the BEST landing page platforms to help you with generating leads and sharing information. This VERY page that you're viewing right now is on LeadPages, and it was setup in less than 5 MINUTES!

LeadPages also provides you with the ability to set up a simple website with multiple pages, if you choose. 

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If you want to sell digital products online, Podia is the easiest and most intuitive platform I've ever come across!

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Every single business owner should have a Client Relationship and Project Management Tool. Honeybook is an amazing resource for both! 

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If you're receiving more phone calls than you can handle throughout the day but not interested in hiring an assistant just to take these calls? Try Numa. It's a better answering service that combines texting and AI to give callers fast answers and a positive experience, all while saving the business time and money.  

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Hosting and Domain Name

If you need to host your website on a reliable server, you should definitely look into Bluehost Domain Name and Hosting packages. .

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Getting organized can be daunting. ClickUp makes it easy. ClickUp is a very powerful task/project management tool that enables you to organize multiple projects, tasking, and priorities. There are tons of project templates to get you started. 

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If you’re a coach, consultant, advisor, salesperson, or any individual who needs to quickly get a prospect’s attention and connect with them, sending video emails is an extremely effective method of doing so. 

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Loom is an amazing video messaging platform that enables you to record videos from your laptop, webcam or iPhone and send out links directly to the video. 

The videos can even have Calls to Actions which enables you to quickly get the viewer to do specific things after watching the video. 

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MailerLite is a powerful email marketing tool that provides business owners with the ability to effectively connect with their audiences through email. 

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InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is one of the most reliable web hosting platforms we’ve ever experienced. 

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